Tesla Power Frunk and Trunk

September 4th, 2022

One of the few things I didn't get with my Tesla was a power frunk/trunk.  Unfortunately, it's not feasible to install OEM units so I chose to go aftermarket to accomplish this.  Here are a number of links I used to help with selecting the units and installation.


COzero Power Liftgate Example
Aftermarket Power Lift gate for Tesla Model S
CoZero to OEM Switch Pinout
DIY Power Lift gate for Tesla Model S Walkthrough Video
Cozero v2 kit finished install
Tesla Offer - Model S Electric Tailgate Installation Tutorial
HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install
Wire to cut to allow remote to close trunk


August 21st, 2022

I ran into TeslaMate after I bought my Tesla.  It is described as "A powerful, self-hosted data logger for your Tesla".  Grafana is operational dashboard software that will display the data in a usable format. Here are a number of links to how I installed them:

Grafana - Dashboards
Grafana - Json Files
Grafana - Json Instructions
Panodata Map Panel

TeslaMate Docs
TeslaMate Grafana Dashboards
How to set Cost variable?
Manually Fixing Data

Unraid Docker:
Teslamate Docker
Grafana Configuration Image
Tesla_Dashcam and TeslaMate dockers
Mosquitto Unraid Config
Postgres Unraid Config
TeslaMate Unraid Config
Support for Atribe's Repo Docker Images (How to set up dockerhub containers in Unraid)


April 9th, 2022

VMware - Accessing the BIOS when the POST screen clears too quickly

April 5th, 2022

Edit the .vmx file for the VM in question and add the following line:

bios.bootDelay = "5000"

This will increase the POST screen delay to 5 seconds


How to Change the UUID of VirtualBox Virtual Disk (.VDI)

March 25th, 2022

I copied a virtual disk (actually the entire machine) for a VirtualBox VM and tried to add the machine to the GUI list.  It wouldn't add because the virtual disk already existed.  I ended up needing to change the UUID of the virtual disk and modify the virtual machine config file accordingly.  The command to do this is: 

VBoxManage.exe internalcommands sethduuid "D:\NewVM\myDisk1.vdi"

Reference (also has other commands):

Change the UUID of Virtual Disk