Unraid System and Mainboard Temp Plugin Setup

07/16/17 | by strav | Categories: *nix

Link: https://wiki.lime-technology.com/Setting_up_CPU_and_board_temperature_sensing

Here's what I did to enable the system/mainboard temp settings for unRAID:

  1. Preparation
    Install the perl package, easiest done by installing the NerdPack plugin, then in the plugin enabling perl to install. Perl is only needed by the script "sensors-detect", which will be run in the background by the Detect function of Step 2. Once you have completed System Temp setup, perl is no longer needed and can be disabled, uninstalled.
    To install NerdPack, paste https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/unRAID-NerdPack/master/plugin/NerdPack.plg into the Install Plugin page.
  2. Install Dynamix System Temperature Plugin from Community Applications
  3. Detection
    Press the <Detect> button to search and automatically fill in the required drivers, or alternatively - if you know the name of the driver(s) - you can fill them in manually.
  4. Saving and activation
    Press the <Save> button to save and activate (load) the driver(s). This will create the file /config/plugins/dynamix.system.temp/drivers.conf on your flash device.
  5. Sensor assignment and display
    Use the dropdown menus under sensors to assign the appropriate sensor for CPU and motherboard readings. You may need to consult the user guide of your motherboard to find out which sensor needs to be selected here. Once a sensor selection is done, the corresponding item will be displayed at the right side of the footer. Click the <Apply> button to confirm your selection. This will create the file /config/plugins/dynamix.system.temp/sensors.conf on your flash device.
  6. You are done! You no longer need perl installed, and can remove it.


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Link: https://www.treehugger.com/bikes/flipcrown-folds-bikes-flat-for-storage.html

FlipCrown is a tiny useful accessory that makes any bike fold flat for storage.


Fix Warcraft addon TOC to avoid out of date message

01/07/17 | by strav | Categories: World of Warcraft

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns then into the particular addon you want to fix.

Open the .toc file

Change the Interface number to the current version (open a current addon toc for reference).  Version 7.1 is Interface 70100


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