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Turn off XP unknown publisher warnings

03/24/06 | by strav | Categories: Windows

Yet another thing that drives me nuts about XP. I'm sick of having to tell the system over and over that I actually DO want to run the program that I just executed. This will prevent that dialog box from popping up every time you try to run a new file on the system.

Run gpedit.msc, and go to
Local Computer Policy
 ->User Configuration
  ->Administrative Templates
   ->Windows Components
    ->Attachment Manager
Enable "Default risk level for file attachments"
Enable "Inclusion list for low risk file types"
Add the file extensions that you want to open without being bothered.

.exe; .zip; .rar; .doc; .xls; .com; .bat; .lnk; .msi;

I'll update this list if I make additions to it.


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